son: I see that you are playing dark souls dad, you play gAmes just like I do
dad: such a good game, glad I can enjoy it with my son, "Praise the Son!" as they say, heh
son: thanks dad
dad: Love you son, love games
son: dad i'm home from school, i see youre playing dark souls again
father: well let me pause my dark souls game for a bit, I want to have a look at your report card son
son: oh no..
father: just D's and C's this time huh son..? looks like you need to, git gud, as they say in this dark souls community,
son: sorry for being a bad son
father: dont talk to me..i might die and lose all my souls, in dark souls. go to your room
father: time to un-pause this good game of dark souls and fight some bad monsters after grabbing myself a beer, nothing like a nice gaming session in the ruckus room while the wifey is away
son: dad, i want to play games too
father: no son, you are a casual, a word i learned online that means youre a video game novice, and so you are grounded from the playstation games system until you shape up
son: im trying my hardest